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Monday, May 6, 2013

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men


The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

Spend less time working out, develop stronger muscles and build lean muscle, burn body fat, and do it all with no workout equipment. Sound impossible? It isn't. You can add this information to your current routine and experience amazing results if you have access to equipment. However, if you don't have access to workout equipment, you can save money and time and experience excellent results with this incredibly effective 15 minute home workout for men.

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

-Choose the correct exercises. The exercises listed below are the most effective for building and defining muscle. Don't waste your time performing exercises that do not give maximum benefits in minimum time.

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men
The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

-Intensity trumps number of repetitions; also known as "quality over quantity." Any time you perform an exercise, make sure your form is correct for every single rep. For example, you are much better off performing 10 push-ups with perfect form than you are to perform 20 push-ups with sloppy form or half reps.

 The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men
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The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men Specifications

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

-Move from exercise to exercise with minimal or no breaks to increase fat burning and improve stamina.

-The list of exercises is not intended as a "how to". The exercises provide a list of the best exercises from which to choose to design a fantastic at home workout. If puzzled by an unfamiliar exercise, a quick "Google" search will provide you with instructions.

Each exercise has numerous variations that you can incorporate for added intensity or variety. Once again, whenever you perform an exercise, make sure you use correct form to get the most out of the exercise - don't perform sloppy or "half" reps. The exercises listed are some of the absolute best exercises you can do for the designated body parts.

Lower Body:
-Hindu Squats
-Step Ups
-Single Leg squats
-Lunge Variations
-Jump Squats
-Jump Lunges
-Bulgarian split squats

Upper Body:
-Inverted Rows
-Push Ups
-Pull Ups and Variations
-Hindu Push Ups
-Handstand Push Ups

Core Exercises:
-Russian Twists
-Side Planks
-Reverse Crunches
-Inch Worms
-Hanging Leg Raises

Total Body Exercises:
-Wheelbarrow Walks
-Squat Thrusts
-Jumping Jacks
-Handstand Walking

-Use the proper intensity. If you can perform 20 push-ups with perfect form, don't stop the set at 10 push-ups. Furthermore, you can do some sets as fast as possible and other sets in a very slow and controlled fashion. This will add variety and provide different levels of intensity.

-Move quickly between sets without stopping to rest or keep the rest periods to a minimum, but only do so after you have mastered the proper form. This will help you build muscle and get more done in less time.

-Complete as many circuits as possible in fifteen minutes without sacrificing form, or complete a specified number of circuits.

-Combine different exercises each time you work out to increase the challenge and prevent exercise burn out.

-Jump Lunges x 10-15 each leg
-Pull Ups (if you don't have a pull up bar, use an open door)
-Handstand Push-Ups x as many as possible
-Planks x 45 seconds
-Burpees x 10

For a very fast, yet highly effective, workout, perform the above circuit as many times as possible in 15 minutes. Take breaks only as needed, but try to keep moving as much as possible. The next time you repeat that workout, try to complete an additional circuit in the 15 minute period.

Equipment, money and a lot of time are not necessary to build lean, strong, muscle and burn off pounds of body fat. Choose the best exercises that give you more results in less time, workout with intensity, and continue to move quickly between exercises. It's simple and amazingly effective.

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The 15 Minute Home Workout For Men

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